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Sasha Kerlow, RYT-200

Sasha first discovered yoga through a pre-natal yoga video tape her friend shared with her while pregnant with her first child two decades ago and she is forever grateful for that introduction.

She loves how each moment in yoga offers the possibility of finding the freedom between opposing yet complementary opposites: effort and ease, rooting and rising, strength and flexibility, movement and stillness, the inhale and exhale. And how in that moment of balance comes the realization that each opposite serves to augment, not cancel out, it’s counterpart – by grounding we can learn to fly, and in the middle of mindfully moving we can find a profound stillness. 


In 2019 Sasha completed her 200-hour training with Amy Pearce-Hayden. Her classes range from grounding and restoring, to flowing and flying.  Sasha’s classes offer mindful sequencing, a focus on alignment and breath, and a dedication to the power of taking what is learned on the mat into the world beyond it.  

Class with Sasha:

6:00-7:15pm Arm Balance: Beginner Series with Sasha (2nd & 4th Wednesdays)

January 11th, 25th, February 8th & 22nd 2023


$15 Drop in

This 8 class yoga on-going series incorporates the physical, mental and energetic keys to start (or continue!) to play upside down and shake up your perspective. Available as a full series or as a drop-in class. Each class will focus on a different physical, mental or energetic key to explore arm balancing all while enjoying a breath centered and alignment focused yoga flow class. Suitable for anyone with a foundational yoga practice who is looking to: 

  • Get back into play mode while having fun trying new things 

  • Find ease upside down while balancing on their hands 

  • Explore how challenging their body in new ways can open and shift their perspective 

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