Dilaine Noel


Diliane was briefly introduced to Yoga in 2008 by her close friend, now business partner, Kalil Zender. She was immediately attracted to the feelings of peace, purification, embodiment, and stillness experienced through Kalil's carefully crafted asana sequence. It reminded her of other mind-body experiences she'd had playing music, riding horses, being in Nature, or cooking delicious meals. This ignited her passion and curiosity. All Practice has an eternal rhythm of ebb and flow; Dilaine found Yoga again at Dragonfly in Madison in 2012 where she discovered an intense attraction to Vinyasa Yoga Asana practice and explored the modern-day Western Yoga environment. She proceeded to attend class 1-3 times daily over the next 5 years and found immense healing and joy through that practice. Eventually she was called to Manila, Philippines for 2 and a half years, where she worked as a Corporate Relationship Manager, finished her Bachelor's in Business Management through UW Whitewater (online) and got married. Naturally, she then dove into burnout for the first time in her adult life.  

She returned to Madison in 2017 exhausted but Awake and Determined to slowly adapt her lifestyle to a Yogic one, to put her body back together piece by piece, to find her way back to the path of her authenticity. She realized that despite all appearances, she was struggling to connect, and she was ready to start letting some things go. Naturally, several major life events quickly unfolded including buying a house, receiving a debilitating back injury, learning patience through a slow & challenging recovery process, losing a job, gaining 2 new jobs, starting 2 businesses, redefining all her personal / intimate relationships, discovering boundaries, getting a Yoga Teacher training sponsorship, being asked to teach etc... This chapter was rich in discovery & acceptance of her own pain; it allowed her to contemplate, to give herself Space, to notice the widespread suffering of the world and begin empathizing on a much deeper level. It also allowed her to re-discover her Yoga practice from a space of true Vulnerability instead of Power, a revolutionary experience at that moment. 

She began daydreaming about meaningful ways to spend her time & skills, and who to collaborate with. Dilaine began Yoga teacher training in 2019 with Amy Pearce-Hayden through Raja Hatha Yoga at Tantra Wellness in Madison, WI where she was happily introduced to an entirely different idea of what Yoga is. While having fun playing outside with Kalil that same summer, they noticed that they had a lot of complementary skills, values, and interests in common. Eventually they decided to become business partners and co-founded Rhythm Wellness Retreats where they offer Nature based wellness retreats. Kalil  teaches through Unity Yoga Co-op in Marquette, Michigan. Dilaine joined the Tantra Wellness Co-op in Summer 2022, where she is now offering classes (in downtown Madison, Wisconsin). Kalil and Dilaine are also active students of Lama Padma Karma at Orgyen Namdrol Choling in Connecticut. 

Dilaines teaching is heavily focused on relaxation, stress and pain relief, deepening awareness. Her style is balanced, musical, restorative, creative, embracing opportunity for personal growth. 

Learning never stops. Swaha!

Classes with Diliane:

Tuesdays, 11:45am- 12:45pm

Happy Back:

Our spines are the foundational pillar supporting our physical and mental health. When our backs our happy, so are our brains, organs, limbs, muscles, joints and so on. With healthy backs we find better mobility, more energy, and lighter moods. This class is meant to invite ease into the vertebrae of your spine. We will spend time focusing on the importance of alignment in basic asana postures, how to release muscle groups supporting the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar, how to invite space into the back, and how to use the breath to release misalignment or areas of stickiness. This class will sometimes include the mindful use of music and aromatherapy. 



Thursdays 11:45am- 12:45pm

Noon Nidra: Take a shortcut to relaxation over lunch. This is a restorative class meant to give the body the stillness and space it needs to release tension on a deeper level. In Yoga Nidra we follow a traditional, prescribed practice to reset the body and the sub-conscious mind. Sort of like a reboot for the back-end of your software (brain). 😉 Yoga (meaning Union) and Nidra (meaning sleep or the space just before falling asleep) is traditionally taken in Savasana (lying down) and involves a guided visualization and meditation. This class may also include a Chakra sound bath using singing bowls, aromatherapy using essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, bergamot, peppermint, lemon or other combinations meant to relax and clear the mind, or occasional live music.