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TANTRA was created with everything sacred, special, and safe in mind.

TANTRA is a home for healing. It is a temple of sorts that awaits your arrival.

It is a place that is inclusive and judgement free.

Therefore we ask you to respect the space and others both inwardly and outwardly.

When you take a class or have a private healing session at TANTRA you can expect to feel more centered and balanced and may leave with a sense of renewal. You can expect not only to be welcomed and noticed, but guided and embraced for where you are. Classes exist for all levels of experience, as well as all types of bodies, needs, wants, and conditions.


 The studio is set up to accommodate students with all necessary props for each class. You will find yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, sandbags, and blankets available for your use. All you need to take a class is comfortable clothing and an open heart and mind.


Students should arrive 10 minutes early. Students are not permitted to enter class after the start time, as it is disruptive to the focus necessary for practice. Please turn off all cell phone ringers. Be mindful with your space to accommodate those around you. Enjoy conversation and each other outside of our practice space quietly. Please use the time before class to quiet down, stretch, meditate and become attuned to your yogic frame of mind. Please avoid wearing heavy perfumes or oils. Fitted yet moderate clean clothing is best. Socks must be removed when practicing asana (postures). Please keep an open mind to the satsang (spiritual discussion) that occurs, and follow as best you can the yamas and niyamas in respect to yourself and your fellow practitioners. Try not to eat a meal too close to your practice as a full and heavy stomach will distract you from your practice and limit the posture’s effectiveness.  Do not attend class after the consumption of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs. Do not chew gum in class as it could present a choking hazard and impedes proper pranayma (breathing). If you are menstruating long-held inversions should be avoided. Ask your teacher about modifications to those asanas. Inform your teacher of any recent injury or chronic condition. For joint and muscle safety we practice in a warmed room.  Because space is limited pre-registration is highly recommended.




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