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Amie Heeter


Amie is a nature enthusiast, adventurer, and life long learner particularly motivated by the intersection of mind/body traditions of the East and modern research sourced in mindfulness and neuroplasticity in the West. A yoga and meditation teacher since 2004, she regards the systems of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness as some of the best technologies available to sustain health in our body, cultivate stability and resilience in our mind, and open pathways to the luminous heart. Amie began practicing yoga in 1999 while traveling with a friend in Mexico. Like so many, her curiosity led to a dedicated practice and soon after the desire to share these timeless, transformative practices. Amie received her first teaching certifications in 2003 and 2004 through the Integral Yoga Institute. In 2007 she began studying with Rod Stryker and received Parayoga Level 1 certification in 2014. Mentorship with Parayoga offered significant training with the subtle practices and profound impacts of pranayama, meditation, mantra, and yoga nidra. These studies led her into the systems of Sri Vidya, tantra, and the lineage of the Himalayan Masters. Amie continues to study with many teachers, including Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and senior teachers from the Himalayan Institute, and emergent teachers such at Tracee Stanley and Stephanie Chee Barea among the dozens she's received from over her 20 years of study. Nature was her first teacher, and continues to be an intimate part of her practice and inspiration. She hosts group classes, various Yoga Studies courses, regional and international retreats, and works privately with individuals.


Also a lifestyle photographer, Amie is a visual storyteller who loves to capture the wonder of the world around her. She recently took part in documenting the release of wolves into Isle Royale National Park and photographed an intimate tour in the south of India. She filmed a TEDx talk last fall entitled “The Radical Sabbatical and the Power of Pressing Pause.” Learn more about Amie at her website

Classes with Amie:

"Evolving Our Yoga Studies Course ~ The Sun Tier" - 11 week series

Includes Weekly Thursday classes 6:30-8:30pm  from Dec 8  - Feb 16

and two Saturday gatherings Jan 7 & Feb 18 1-5pm

Pre-registration required. 

Contact Amie at



Evolving Our Yoga Studies is an in-depth, comprehensive course designed for those who want to expand their practice and understanding of yoga beyond the focus of asana. We explore yoga’s timeless philosophical background and the techniques that invite us to experience those teachings, welcoming its fullest potential in our lives. For this in depth series we emphasize the “Ha” side of hatha yoga (ha means sun). We study PRANA- loosely translated as “life force”- and why it supports vitality in addition to being a primary pathway of Tantric Yoga to harness inner connection and outer fulfillment. We look to the wisdom of Tantra and Ayurveda to develop a relationship and understanding of this subtle energy and how to effectively cultivate and contain our vital resources to support physical health, mental clarity, emotional resilience, and nourishment of our whole system. We honor our place in the web of life, and develop greater appreciation for the earth, the rhythms of nature, and how to be in harmonious relationship with these forces. We also study the subtle body and explore the chakras with relation to personal evolution. The course consists of weekly Thursday classes Dec 8 – Feb 16 from 6:30-8:30pm which incorporate relevant content and yogic practices, along with 2 monthly Saturday gatherings from 1-5pm to introduce central content, engage group discussion & connection, and a full spectrum practice that may not fit the evening slot of our weekly practice. Part of this series will include a home practice portion in late Jan/early Feb with audio and video resources to support your learning, as well as a 30 day practice dedication of meditation and/or yoga. 

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